Does My Home Business Need a Separate Phone Line?

When you start a business in your home, it is usually critical to cut costs wherever you can. It can be confusing, however, to figure out what services and equipment is essential and what things you can live without. You know you need your computer, Internet service and a printer, as well as a designated area in your home to make all the magic happen, but beyond that, what is really important and what is simply fluff? With email and iPhones, do you really need a fax machine? If you have a home phone and a cell phone, do you need a business phone? In order to make the best decision, look at the options and determine your priorities.

A business phone may seem like an added expense, a luxury, but it may be the sticking point between success and failure- especially when you are in business by yourself. No matter what business youre in, the most important thing is to demonstrate to your customer base- and your prospects- that their needs are your number one priority. Its pretty simple really- if your customers feel important to you and believe you will strive to meet their needs, they will gladly give you their loyalty– and their money.

For a solopreneur, being available to every one who needs you, when they need you is sticky business. Surprisingly, a business phone can be a piece of the picture of providing great customer service. Some providers, especially VoIP providers, offer package deals that provide a whole lot more than a simple phone line.

You can choose a business package that gives you the features of a virtual office. Need a customized menu for your callers so they get the details they need? No problem. How about personalized greetings so they know they reached you and they matter more than an automated voice? You can even set up automatic call forwarding, so if you do happen to step away from your desk, your calls will follow you home, go to customized menu options, straight to voice mail or to your cell, wherever you need them to go so your customer is served the best.

With the right virtual office business phone plan, you can access all the familiar features you love, like caller ID and call waiting, plus add the power and personalization of business benefits likes customized greetings, conference calling, hold music and call routing features so your customers get exactly what they need and you can take care of all the rest of your business as well.