Does Customer Service Matter With a Phone Company?

There are a lot of things to consider when you choose a phone service, whether its your home phone service or your business phone service. Price, reliability and features are all important decisions to weigh before you install your new service. There is one more issue that should be looked at closely before signing on the dotted line, however, and that is customer service.

Whenever you contract for a service, you do so with the assumption that things will run smoothly and operate as planned. When it is your phone service, its critical that you have the most possible “uptime” you can get. Problems do happen, however, no matter how hard a service provider tries to avoid them. At that point, the critical issue is how they are addressed and how quickly they are solved.

With traditional phone service, it is common that customer service issues are addressed only during some level of expanded business hours (perhaps 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday) and possibly some availability on Saturday mornings. While the extended hours may be convenient for setting up new accounts or arranging for a disconnection, if you have a service outage, it can be very inconvenient to wait until Monday morning to get your service repaired. If your home phone line is the problem not having the ability to call is not fun. If its your business phone, especially if you are a “solopreneur”, which many NYC personal injury lawyers are now – who uses the Internet to work with people from around the globe, it can be frustrating at the least and financially costly in other cases.

One thing that can greatly improve customer service, is the Internet. Whether its the home page of a traditional phone service or cell phone company, or the convenience of 24/7 customer support via a VoIP phone service, having immediate access to courteous, knowledgeable customer service is a definite plus when choosing a phone service provider.

One of the most important reasons you want a quality phone service for your business is so you can provide the best possible customer service for your company. Why settle for anything else from the company who serves you? When choosing your phone service company, finding one with 24/7 customer support should be just as important as service quality, price or convenience features. After all, their customer service may just directly affect your own. offers great prices, all the features you would need but more important, offers 24*7 friendly, US based customer service! One more (big) reason to consider