Zoho Integration User Guide

Login as a User to the Phone.com Integration Server

As a Phone.com user with Zoho integration, you might need to change some of your personal integration settings and options. This User Guide will show you where and how to access and change your own Integration Server settings.

Each CRM user can change its own settings, such as the Click2Call extension, by accessing the User Integration Admin UI page or Phone.com User Integration Server.​

Important Settings

The Click2Call Extension

When you use the click to call functionality,  you will get a call to the selected click to call extension. Once you pick up the phone, the call to the requested number will be placed. If you have multiple extensions make sure to select the correct one. IMPORTANT: You must first enable Click to Call.

Example:  500

Trigger Phone Number(s)

Any phone number that is uniquely associated with you will help us know that an incoming call is relevant to your extension. It could / should include: 

  • All the extensions you are interested to associate with the CRM.
  • Your cell phone number.
  • Your direct dial-in number (if you have one assigned to you).

Example:  500, 501, 222, (212) 555-7777


Before you can make any changes to your settings you need to login:

  1. Enter any phone number on the account.
  2. Enter your Phone.com extension.
  3. Enter the Voicemail PIN for your Phone.com extension.
  4. Press (Sign In). You will see a confirmation page.
  5. Press (Confirm).

Using an Individual Phone.com Account

Your Zoho Integration could be set up so that you are using your company’s Phone.com account and therefore inherit the access token of the organization. Alternatively, you may use your personal or a different Phone.com account and can use a different access token for that other Phone.com account.

NOTE: You must obtain this from Phone.com.

Integration Configuration User Interface

  1. Verify or enter your Phone.com user Information.
  2. Verify or enter your Zoho user Information.
  3. Click on  Enable Click to Call to be able to use the click to call functionality in Zoho.
  4. To save any changes to the settings press Apply.
  5. Once finished setting up, click on the (Logout) button. You will be logged out.
For more help, contact support@phone.com.
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