Zoho Integration Admin Guide

Login as Account user to the Phone.com Integration Server

As a Phone.com Admin, you can access the Integration Admin UI through that or the Phone.com Integration Server and change any settings that are associated with your Phone.com account’s Zoho system.

The Setup Process Steps

  • Connect organization (if not connected)
  • Update the organization’s name, phone number, enable/disable storing call recordings in Zoho
  • Define & Manage the users
  • Read all CRM users from Zoho
  • Attempt to automatically link them with Phone.com users & extensions
  • This step searches the Phone.com users by name and reads the data from Phone.com
  • Enable/Disable the Click to Call functionality for each user (required by Zoho)
  • Remove a user Telephony Integration (in case a user does not need an integration)
  • Add VoIP-id (unique to a Phone.com account API)
  • Set the Click to Call extension
  • This lets you specify the extension which will be used by each user when placing a call using the Click to Call functionality within Zoho

Step 1: Authentication

  • Login to the Phone.com Integration Server
  • Phone.com login and authentication page will be displayed:
  • Enter your Phone.com credentials by providing email and password
  • After login, a confirmation page will show:

Step 2: Configuration & Setup

  • If you haven’t configured your organization in the Phone.com CRM Integration server, the following page will be displayed:
  • Start by creating an “Organization” in the Telephony Integration server:
  • Type the organization’s name in the first field
  • The organization’s internal (machine-readable) name will be automatically filled but you can change it
  • NOTE: Once the organization is successfully connected you will not be able to change the internal name without starting all over.
  • Type your organization’s main phone number
  • Click Connect when done
  • You will be redirected to the following page:
  • Next, Press the Integrate button and you will be redirected to Zoho login page where you should log in with your Zoho CRM Credentials and accept the integration
  • Press Sign In and you will be redirected to the next page. Click Accept
  • You are now back to the Integration Server:
  • Click on Get Users From CRM and the following dialog will be shown. This dialog lets you decide if you want to read the users’ data from the Zoho CRM or try to match that data to Phone.com extensions
  • Selecting “Synchronize only” will read and add the users from Zoho
  • Selecting “Synchronize and link with Phone.com” will try to match the CRM users by the name to the same users in the Phone.com account and get the needed information from Phone.com
  • Pressing OK will show the following page with the imported data.
  • In case you do not need a specific user or if that user does not need Telephony integration, use the Delete user button. A confirmation dialog will be shown and when confirmed it will delete the user
  • You must click on Enable Click to Call to enable the click to call functionality in Zoho
  • Click Apply & OK to save the data or Apply , “Reload data from Phone.com” & OK to refresh the user data from the Phone.com account

Disconnecting the Telephony Integration or Starting Over - ADMIN USE ONLY

  • To disconnect the relationship between the CRM & Phone.com click the link: Disconnect Telephony Integration from CRM
  • If you select “Keep Users” the integrations server will disconnect from Zoho but will not delete the users' definitions
  • If you select “Delete Users” the integrations server will disconnect from Zoho and delete all the users' data
  • Press OK to complete the selected operation, or Cancel to stay connected.
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