Do Work Calls Affect Your Family?

I was reading an article over the weekend by Darrell Etherington about how mobile workers spend more time on their phones working then employees who work in an office. 3,500 people from 1,100 large companies worldwide were asked about their habits and I found it a bit shocking. One shocking statistic is that mobile employees spend 240 more hours per year working then their coworkers with an office job.

This says a lot but what was more shocking and enlightening at the same time was the last few statistics at the bottom of the infograph below. I’m not bothered by the fact that 35% of those surveyed checked email in bed before doing anything else, I fall into that category. Or that 97% of mobile workers who sleep within arms reach of their smartphone check it during downtime. None of these stats bother me except 2. And being a mobile worker myself and being constantly connected in some form or another I take this to heart. What shocked me was that of the 29% that said that their tech use caused friction within their personal relationships 90% said it was with their partner and 21% with their kids. Now that really bothers me, I can only imagine that I’m part of the 90% and 21%.

Here’s the tie in. With the call scheduling feature of you can now help control this if phone calls are part of your problem. You can schedule your calls to stop coming it at any time like 6:30 when maybe you’re usually sitting down to dinner with someone you care about. You can also set the schedule to start sending calls to your phone at 8am when maybe your kids have already left for school and your partner has already left for work.

I’m not telling anybody how to live their lives but I really don’t want my kids and wife to feel neglected because maybe an important call “might” come in. Obviously some calls must be taken but for the most part being with my family at night and on the weekends is much more important then any call or text. Plus who wants a wrong number call at 2:30 in the morning.

I suggest considering scheduling the hours you can receive calls, I know I’m going to refine my schedule to more then just no calls after 10pm. Are you going to? Let us know in the comments below.

Stats came from the iPass Mobile Workforce Report:

Smartphone infograph