Do Mobile Payments Interest You?

Just today MasterCard announced that it is partnering with Carta Worldwide, a company that will allow customers to provision their NFC (Near Field Communication) equipped mobile phones with their credit card information. This cuts down some of the barriers involved in getting started using NFC. This may (or may not) be a big step toward mass adoption of mobile payments.


Many are hoping that mobile payments will take off. It is a great way to lighten ones wallet as well as add additional layers of security when paying with “plastic”. I for one have been known to leave their wallet at home when going to the grocery store, but I never forget my phone, so this would be great for me. I know a few big chain stores in my area already have NFC payments enabled but they tell me no one ever uses them with their phone, but some people (like myself) use it with a NFC equipped credit card. This is a good step towards mass adoption but it’s only a few stores for now.

Will your small business take to mobile payments and adopt these new methods? What are the issues you see in doing so? Most importantly do mobile payments interest you as a small business owner/entrepreneur?