Davis Virtual Assistants

Name: Lori Davis
Title: Owner
Business name: Davis Virtual Assistants
URL: http://davisvirtualassistance.com

Lori Davis owns her own virtual assistant agency, Davis Virtual Assistants. Small businesses, entrepreneurs and start ups with moderate operating capital hire Lori’s assistants to organize, answer important calls, sell, to open up discourse with potential clients, and a host of other related organizational duties.

Lori’s business model is definitely the wave of the future. Virtual assistants and sales reps is becoming more and more popular by the year.

Lori became a Phone.com customer some time ago, and took on the vanity number, 1-800-611-LORI. We asked Lori:

Why did you make the move to sign on with a new phone system provider?

I was originally with RingCentral, for my virtual phone system. Everything was OK, except for the fact that they insisted on charging me for my Vanity number — the one issue I could not abide by.

I got a great vanity 800 number from Phone.com – and they do not charge me a penny for the use of the number every month. Other companies charge for the number every month, even though it doesn’t cost them anything extra. So why should I pay more every month?

Plus, Phone.com provides killer customer care. Polite, friendly, helpful, fast.

What is the most important Phone.com feature for you?

Overall, my fee is very clear every month, everything is organized so I can see it clearly and understand what I’m being charged for. Phone.com rates are a little lower – which means a lot to me.

On the portal (my online account), I like switching messages to answer the business lines differently at different times of day — at night, and a standard message for weekends.

I have a lot of remote people that work for me, and I can give every remote worker their own extension, which gives the impression of a large, busy company, which I like. Clients calling in get the feeling its a big office. And soon, I’m going to add more associates to the system.

Frankly, I couldn’t maintain my business without this system.

The same level of features would cost me a fortune with my regular phone company. Plus, up here in the mountains we have local power outages, so a virtual phone system is disaster proof. All my incoming messages are stored safely.

How do your clients like the system?

I have many long term clients who use my phone system as their own, to handle inbound customer calls. One is a psychiatrist. The Dr. schedules his patients through me, through my phone line.

I can’t tell you how many people love the fact that when they call in they can speak to someone in America, not Bombay or the Philippines. Both my customers and the folks who call in to schedule appointments or order products.

Another client, a professional candle-maker, has his own Phone.com line – on my system – and all calls come in straight to me. He loves it.

Do you plan to expand your range of phone system features?

I do plan to add a Call me button, on my Website.

What’s the point of the Call Me function? People can simply pick up the telephone.

Oh no, people need a call to action. Call me Now! When website visitors see that button, they can call, easily, and so they do. Without that button, there are way too many excuses and reasons to not call once they get up from the computer, or leave my Website.

Believe me, I’ve researched this through colleagues of mine who use that Call Me button for their businesses… Their call response rates have increased, without question.

What is your opinion of Phone.com now that you’ve had the service for awhile?

Phone.com is a kick ass service.

The calls are clear…. My MP3 email [voice] messages stored safely and securely. The Phone.com pricing, in general, is fantastic – and I’m not bilked for my vanity number!!

Customer support is respectful, it really is superb customer service… Hey, if I am paying you every month for a service, I’m sending you a check – you better act like you want my money! You know what I mean? Treat me respectfully – like the queen that I am.

As a small business owner, it behooves me to have technological tools at my disposal that make me look good, or puts a professional face on my company and my business model – anything I can do to add a more professional front to my business, I do it.

Seriously, with this phone system, Phone,com, everything runs smoothly… with the utmost professionalism. When clients are hiring my company for 10, 15, 25 hours a week… at $35 per hour, they also expect the best.