Customer Feedback Is An Opportunity For Awesome

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This post was originally published on Communicate Better Blog, our customer service blog.  Click here to read the original article.

we're listeningHere at, we respond to both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE feedback. Yup, both are equally important. We want to thank customers for taking the time to share their experiences with us, both good and bad.  Feedback is a gift that helps us learn and grow into an even better company. Plus, there is power in recognizing our customer service team for their hard work, as it builds motivation and inspiration to keep serving others.

We call our positive feedback Smiles. Why? Well, it makes us smile of course! We collect smiles here at after all! We have an internal document where we keep all of the monthly Smiles for each representative. We share all of this feedback in our employee newsletter so everyone can be aware of the great feedback coming from our customers. We are also working on incorporating this into a monthly incentive program.  Read my recent post titled, What Keeps Your Employees Ticking.

We call our negative feedback, Opportunities for Awesome (OforA for short). Why? Well, the fact that someone took the time to share what they don’t like means another opportunity for us to improve and find ways to do more of what people do like. We track each OforA that we receive to see how the situation affects the customer experience as a whole. Then we make feature requests for our research and development team to put these ideas into action in our phone service. We are thankful for the unique opportunity to see our service through the eyes of our customers.

After responding to a customer’s Smile earlier this week, I received this feedback:

It’s nice to know that your feedback actually gets read by management! I’m very glad for [your representative], that she would receive recognition for a job well done, as it is well deserved. And a job well done to you, as has good management that recognizes both a job well done (as well as a job poorly done), you generally keep very good company culture…which is a snowball effect in the positive direction! Happy employees make for happy customers, and right back up to management! 

I basically got a Smile in return for sending a smile her way. So much smiling going on! I was blown away by this and it just reinforced the fact that we are on the right path in the way we handle feedback.

So, if this short article inspires anything today, may it be a desire to respond to every bit of feedback that customers send your way. Remember, they didn’t have to send it and yet they still took the time to do so!