CTO Telecom Summit – Scottsdale, AZ, Nov. 8-11

Alon Cohen, EVP & CTO will be speaking at the CTO Telecom Summit at the Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The session is titled:

“The Role of Dynamic Data Centers & Virtualization in Telecommunications- Increasing Carrier Revenue While Decreasing Capital and Operational Expenditure”

Every organization, whether enterprise or carrier, runs on data and more of it each day, driving the deployment of larger numbers of servers, massive increases in storage, growth of service provider network traffic, and the development of new applications to glean intelligence from disparate data sets. The need to use resources most cost-effectively during the scaling of data and data centers forces the move to virtualization–of servers, storage, networks, and even data centers themselves in the form of cloud computing. Service providers are gearing up to offer flexible, efficient data center services to their cloud seeking customers. This panel explores the following
• Why Virtualize? Assessing your server and storage landscape, capacity planning tools, and operations before and after virtualization
• Network and virtualization security considerations
• Disaster Recovery–designing a backup and recovery strategy
• The impact of virtualization on data center facilities, power, and cooling