Cool Mobile Features We Love Mobile Office is one of those applications that, until you’ve actually see it in action, you have no idea how much you can use it. Here are just a few of the things we love about Mobile Office.

• Faxes! It’s hard to believe anyone uses this dinosaur-style technology in a world of email, but lots of businesses still do, and if you’re not standing by a fax machine, it’s still possible to get the information you need thanks to Mobile Office. You can view received faxes right from your phone, and that alone is essential to most businesses today.

• Voicemail management is king. Sure, it may have been possible to listen to your voicemail in the past when you were mobile, but to actually manage it from your control panel like you can when you’re standing next to your phone is an amazing feature. What’s more, though, is that when you combine it with the transcription services, you can read and respond to your voicemails, and for many, the time saving feature there is amazing.

• Call blocking is a must when you’re mobile. It’s just not possible to handle every potential client or sales person as you’re working from a mobile perspective, but thanks to call blocking, you can take a look at what’s really important. When you combine that with the potential to review call logs and see who’s ringing in most frequently, you have a winning combination.

Mobile Office is increasingly incorporating features many small business owners love and enjoy, and as the technology and need to access it from a mobile device continues to change, you can bet that apps like this will stay on top of it.

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