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One of the parents at my daughters school (we’ll call him Vlad) likes to ask me for advice on mobile phones. I’m always happy to talk to him and give him some insight. Today was a little different though, he wanted to know about mobile internet on a USB stick. He goes to auctions and buys large servers to resell for a living. Now he wants to connect his laptop to the web while he’s at these auctions so he can look up the value of each server before he bids on them.

He’s an entrepreneurs entrepreneur. He buys and sells goods, working off a laptop from auctions. Coincidentally this morning I got an emailed press release from an actual friend at AT&T (side note, becoming friends with a journalist helps get them to read your press releases versus having the intern of the month email it out without ever talking on the phone or in person). AT&T lit up 4G LTE in Los Angeles and San Francisco today. When I told Vlad about the speed he could get using a USB stick in his laptop at the auction he was delighted.

I was thinking that some of’s customers might be able to use a USB stick combined with using wifi at Starbucks or wherever you work might take you, would give you coverage everywhere. Would this benefit you in being able to cut out your current ISP?

Do you use 4G already? Is mobility necessary in your business? I find it’s more important now then ever before to be mobile and connected. With email coming in faster then I can read it and always trying to answer questions faster then humanly possible connectivity is monumentally important. Don’t forget you can forward your number to your cell phone anywhere in the world and make calls as well from them showing your work number utilizing one of our mobile apps.


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