Communicating with Humans? Don’t forget the old way…

With so much focus these days on new media, social networks and “real time” communications many of us tend to forget that good old fashioned meetings, phone calls (or even email) are still preferred by so many people over Twitter or Facebook, especially when it comes to business.

Some folks simply won’t use any of these new tools and rely only on face to face meetings or phone calls for business and networking.
USAToday had a story today with some interesting statistics about the habits of many adults such as:
87% prefer to meet in person rather than online and 50% don’t use social networks at all.

I did not read the research behind this survey and I wonder what the definition of “adults” is? Age? Demographics etc?
However based on reading some of the comments to this story I would say there is some truth to the data
Denizens of the technology and internet space can’t understand why anyone would want to meet when we could “eMeet”, others may look at these stats and simply say it is not true (after all, even grandma has a Twitter account).

When we read industry related blogs and publications we take all these tools for granted but we all need to remember that there is a big world out there so unless your business is new media you need to focus on both the old (talking) and the new communications tools.

We at definitely embrace Twitter and Facebook and are looking to expand our social marketing presence; however, it will not replace our call center anytime soon. It is still nice to talk to people, especially the pleasant ones (such as all our customer support agents)!