Communicating Better Starts Internally

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happy_facesSeveral months ago, I was afforded the amazing opportunity to work for After years of working customer service in various industries, I finally found a place that challenges me, encourages me, and gives me opportunities to grow. I finally feel like I’m on the right career path!  At, they preach awesome customer service, but let me tell you a story of awesome internal customer service.

The company recently allowed me to telecommute one day per week. I was so excited to be able to work from home, in my PJs, while sipping tea, and lighting my aroma therapy candles to ensure maximum Zen. The night prior to my first work from home shift, I absentmindedly left my Macbook Pro in the back seat of my car.

As I approached my driveway that next morning, I noticed that my driver’s side door was ajar. My thoughts immediately went to my laptop.  I pulled the door open and frantically looked around the car.  I moved knickknacks and mail (I’m a busy woman — don’t judge); all while fighting back tears. My stomach was in knots. I knew my laptop was gone. I made a half-hearted attempt to search my trunk and my home, but I couldn’t recall ever bringing it into the house.  The search was futile and hope was lost.

I drove to work anyway, forcing myself to believe I’d left the laptop in my cubicle. Needless to say, my suspicions were confirmed. I ran out into the parking lot, screamed an expletive or two in frustration, and exploded into tears. Like many people, my laptop contained my life—and now I had put the company’s security in jeopardy because of the sensitive information on it.

Nearly hysterical, I called my boss and explained the situation. He told me to head home, relax, and file a police report. I did just that. While at home, sobbing into a cup of tea, I received a text from him informing me that I could use one of the old desktop computers if mine was never returned to me. I was completely amazed.  My cloud had a silver lining indeed!

At times, we tend to forget that the people we work with are as much our customers as those who pay us money for our goods and services. It’s important to keep each other happy and supported in our roles. This might mean checking in to determine if the customer service we are providing to one another is up to par. In the same way we would do so for our customers, we also must be present for our co-workers. Responding to correspondence in a timely manner, being available, and supplying (or guiding others to) resources and information that assist others in completing our work is paramount.

At, communicating better and better every day is our goal. We must never forget to also turn that focus inward to ensure happy, satisfied employees AND customers!