Cloud Telephony for the Growing Business

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Cloud Telephony for the Growing Business

So you’ve gone from launching your business, to adding your first staff, and building a solid following. Your customers love what you do, so much so that demand is growing rapidly. The market is ready for you to duplicate your success in other locations.

As your business grows, so does your need for services. Finding new office space, hiring more staff, storage for growing inventory. Adding phone service at the new location can be difficult, or it can be easy! The choice is yours with a cloud-based phone service.

Who Uses

In this series of three blog posts, we’re looking at the different classes of businesses that use a cloud service like No two companies are the same, but we like to see our small-business customers in one of three groups—entrepreneurs (a business of one or two people), small businesses (three to ten employees), and growing businesses (ten to 20 staff).

This is the last post in the series, and we’re looking at our larger customers—those small businesses that are growing quickly and need to scale their phone network.

Meet E Komo Mai Realty

Hawaii is known for its hospitality. By its very name, E Komo Mai Realty* welcomes clients to invest in beautiful property on the Big Island. Translated as Welcome or Come in, E Komo Mai and its staff pride themselves on bringing everyone who walks in their doors home.

The Keawe brothers, Ray and Paul, have been realtors for years but only recently set up their own business on the outskirts of Kona. And the business is thriving, with nine other realtors working out of the E Komo Mai offices, plus five support staff. VoIP business phone service suits the Keawes perfectly—allowing them to add extensions and services quickly as they need them. Voicemail, conference calling, call recording, whatever they need!

Now Paul is opening a second branch of E Komo Mai Realty on Maui’s west side. With, there is no need to wait for a traditional phone-service hook up. Paul’s son, a systems engineer, set up the data network in the new Lahaina office, so all they need to do before opening day is plug in the phones and listen for dial tone.

Here is a shortlist of features that growing businesses like E Komo Mai find invaluable!

1. No-cost User Extensions

Each staff member at E Komo Mai has his or her own phone extension at no extra cost to the company. Each extension includes voicemail, as many greetings as you like, an address book, call recording, call handling settings, call logs, and its own unique conference bridge.

E Komo Mai staff have set up their extensions on a variety of desk and mobile phones. And realtors use our voicemail transcription service so they can call clients and prospective buyers right back, no matter where they are.

When the new office opens on Maui, Ray and Paul will simply log into their account and add extensions for the new staff starting there.

2. Flexible Menus That Callers Love

No one likes being stuck in a phone tree, but E Komo Mai’s phone greeting and menu lets callers quickly reach the realtor they want to speak to. Flexible menu options let users leave voicemail, transfer to another office, or talk to another agent. It also includes a dial-by-name directory so that callers can quickly punch in their realtor’s name to reach them.

When the new office opens, E Komo Mai will simply update the menu with another calling queue (for the Maui office) and more extension choices.

And did we mention that callers enjoy a little island music while on hold? Ray’s daughter and her husband are local slack-guitar stars.

3. Call Recording, Just for the Record

When closing big sales over the phone or talking to legal experts, the Keawes use call recording to make sure there is a record of what was said. At $4.95 per month, it’s a feature that gives them peace of mind at almost no cost.

4. Free Conference Calling and Fax Service

As they add the Maui office—and hopefully other offices after that—Ray and Paul plan to keep the lines of communication open with weekly inter-island staff meetings. The conference bridge comes in handy too when they need to meet with legal and taxation experts on other islands.

Finally, realty and financial services are still a little old-fashioned in some parts of Hawaii. Not everyone uses electronic signing, and some buyers and sellers still like to fax documents. So our free internet fax service saves E Komo Mai an extra bit of money there!

Do You Have a Growing Business?

The beauty of the service is that you can bundle and customize features to suit your growing business perfectly. CRM integration? Global phone numbers? Only you know what you need.

We offer a full range of business phone services. What’s important, is that most of those services—over 40 features in all—are included in our base plan for growing businesses.

Take a look at our Getting Started Guide for Growing Businesses to see if is a good fit for your company, and contact our Sales agents if you have questions.

* Owners and business name are fictitious.

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