Click To Call Buttons

There are different phone services out there that offer what is known as “Click to call” service. I was privileged to be President of the first company to introduce a “Click to call button”. This was almost 10 years ago, the company was Surf&Call Solutions and it was part of VocalTec (the very first company to introduce VoIP into the market. VocalTec was Co-founded by Alon Cohen, our EVP and CTO – so we have quite a complete circle here and the products have really matured since those wild wild west days.

At the time we distinguished between “Click to Call” and “Call back” where “click to call” latterly meant click the button and get connected from your PC (somewhat like Skype) and “Call Back” is what most of us call “Click to Call” today: the ability to click on a button and then enter the phone number you want to be reached on and click – your phone will ring and when you answer it will connect you to your destination (most likely the owner or representative of the website you are on or the person who has a “Click to call me” button on their blog or as part of their email signature.

This tool is very useful for any organization or individual that allows visitors to its website to place calls to them.

Our Virtual Office “click to call” buttons are offered at no cost as part of any Virtual Office account. The button allows visitors to your website, blog, auction or any online document to place a call directly to you without having to dial your number (and without even knowing what your number is).

Virtual Office Click to Call buttons are easy to install (and if you have any problems our Customer support team is always available to help – you can even click to call them 🙂 ). We offer several formats of buttons and many customers have chosen from a variety of designs.

Try it out – let us know what you think.