Chris Gilland, Admin and founder of Blind Perspectives

…Yesterday, I called and got John. He was so kind and respectful, it blew me away. I, myself, am totally blind. That is no joke. I literally speaking have no eye-sight at all. I have a program that reads the computer screen to me with computerized synthetic speech. I was trying to set up my virtual office phone number. Not only did John explain where I went wrong, he must have spent at least! an hour and a half with me on the phone teaching me how to navigate the online control panel etc. Never once did he get the least impatient, and was very alert, and very very very out-going…. It was an absolute pleasure working with him. He clamed he knew absolutely nothing about working with blind people, nor with the use of screen readers, nor web site accessibility, however he was incredibly interested in learning more, and seeing how my software worked in relation to you alls web site. There are a few places that my screen reader does not speak anywhere even close to correctly. He took this very very seriously. I told him what needed to be done to fix the problem, as I myself am a web designer. He notated everything that I said, plus repeated back to me his notes word per word, so that we could make sure nothing had been miscommunicated… Hes very very fortunate to be with such a great company.