Check Us Out For Extensive Phone Features at No Additional Cost

For most of us, all those extra features we can add on to our phone service can make life much more convenient, whether at home or in your business. However, the cost for all those features can add up in a hurry! If you love the convenience of great features with your phone service, check out today. Not only will you find familiar features like Caller ID and Call Waiting, youll discover new features youve never even known you want!

• Area Code and Local Phone Number Selection- Long distance phone charges can add up fast and one great feature you can get with is choosing the area code and local phone number that provides the most convenience for your callers. No matter where you are physically located, you choose the area code and local number you want- even if its across the country.

• Call recording allows you to record those important client consults or customer service calls so you have all the details you need at your fingertips for future reference. With the other partys permission, you can record any call so you have an accurate record of details, agreements, prices and time lines.

• Voice tagging can help you handle incoming calls with precision answering information- either live or through a customized menu. When a call is placed to a specific extension, you can tag it, (sales, for example) so you have advanced notice that the incoming call needs to be routed to a specific person or voice mailbox. This allows you to answer with a customized greeting- and can be a real bonus in a solo office.

• Custom Audio Greetings can let your friends or clients know that their call is especially important to you. You can upload your own personal audio files and even hold music so that your callers are greeted by your voice, saying exactly what you want them to hear.

• also offers several features available during a phone call. You can transfer calls, send them to voicemail, begin recording the call or block the caller from calling in the future, all without ever leaving the call in progress.

• You can also set up specialized call handling rules that will route calls according to your per-determined criteria. Route all calls during certain time frames, specific calls from a certain number, offer menu options to certain callers or during certain times or even set apart a single number to be handled as an exception to all the other call handling rules in effect. This type of personalized choice in call handling may be one of the most convenient features offers.

Phone features can certainly help you handle your business needs – or your home phone- with a personal touch that you control. With the convenience of the large number of special features included in you phone service plans, you will soon wonder how you ever managed without it.

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