Cheaper To Move To Then To Stay With Your Current Phone System

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I had dinner over the weekend with my oldest friend. He owns a very successful business that has tripled in size in the last 2 years.  He’s gone from 1 office space to 3 and keeps growing.  This is good news for him but getting very costly in regards to his office phone system.

About 5 years ago he set up a PBX system that cost over $14,000, he built a dedicated room for the server with air conditioners and a fire prevention system.  Sounds like a bit much for a company of 14 people back then and under 30 now.  Even back then that was overkill. After dinner he told me his new office space across the street doesn’t have any phones hooked up because it would cost an arm and a leg to wire it and deploy what he wants.

Being the biggest fan (in my opinion) you can guess what I suggested.  He asked a bunch of questions like, Do I really get unlimited extensions?  
Does manage all the server side responsibilities?  
Do I need to run telephone wires from one office to the other?  

I answered all his questions.  Yes you get unlimited extensions (so new employees get their own extension).  Yes we take care of all the server “stuff”.  Lastly NO you don’t have to run any telephone wire.  

I explained each desktop phone would just need to be plugged into the ethernet.  He is ecstatic about having a cloud telephone service so he doesn’t have to hire a contractor to come and service his PBX system anytime there’s a problem.  He also did some quick math and it would be more cost efficient to migrate over to then to even continue with just the upkeep of his self hosted PBX system.  

We have another new customer coming our way but the moral of the story is that keeping your old phone system may cost more then upgrading to a brand new phone service.