Changing Life Growing You

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Changing Life Growing You is a charity that helps those in our community whose immediate needs for rent assistance, emergency shelter, transitional housing, help with utility bills, food and other basic necessities cannot adequately be met by other means, and we support their efforts toward financial stability.

The Virtual Office Phone System offers great flexibility and is cost-effective. Since we have a very limited staff, our time and financial resources can go more towards the services we offer instead of paying excessive phone charges. has the best plan and rates in comparison to other companies and provides excellent customer service. Their voicemail and fax service are both incredibly useful. delivers what it promises. The one phone company that actually has “truth-in-advertising.”
Finally, we cover a large rural area. We can be on the road in an area that does not get good mobile phone reception, but with and my headset, I can make and receive calls and faxes on my laptop on while sitting on the side of a dirt road surrounded by corn fields!

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