Changing Call Forwarding Settings From Any Computer

Last week my friends Dad who I personally set up for had a little problem, his cell phone got washed in the washing machine. I got a frantic call that went something along the lines of, “Jeb my BlackBerry got wet and isn’t working. I can’t miss my work calls over the weekend, they forward to my BlackBerry, HELP”

This is one example of where shines. Calmly I told him to go into his account on the computer and change the number forwards to from his cell phone to his home phone. All was good again except for the fact that he wasn’t mobile any more. He was tied to his home because that’s where his work calls were forwarding to. So that night he went out, bought a new phone and activated it. I get a second call from my friends Dad thanking me for showing him By himself he was able to change the forwarding to his new BlackBerry as well as install the Mobile Office for BlackBerry app, this isn’t a big deal for most people but he’s not really a fan of computers in general so he was really ecstatic that he was able to do it all on his own.

Now 1 thing to remember about this is that with his previous set up my friends Dad would have had to drive all the way to his office (on the weekend) to forward his calls to his house using the office phone keypad. Then when he got a new BlackBerry he would have had to drive all the way back to his office again to change the call forwarding to his new cell phone. He said to me that saved the weekend for him. That’s a big win in my book.