Change the Way Your Business Conferences This Year

Conference calling is a way of life in many mid- and large- business environments and, as a result, improvements to conferencing technology are highly sought after. If you are a member of the bigger business community and have not yet looked into the advantages of conferencing with VoIP, then it is about time to do so.

Crystal Clear Conferencing
IP telephony has not missed out on the growing trend for all things high-definition. When it’s better sound you seek, then look no further than HD Audio. Offered by several VoIP providers, including, HD audio- also known as HD voice- is a technology that promises the best in voice transmission because it picks up on and transmits a greater spectrum of tone variances found in human conversations than standard audio.
As a result, HD audio makes conference calls much easier to follow as participants can more clearly hear differences in voice inflections and tones, thereby deciphering the distinct voice of each participant.
To get the best of HD audio, just as with the video counterpart, one needs to invest in new HD compatible equipment.

Ease of Control
Most VoIP providers are making it increasingly straightforward to moderate conference calls. With internet controls for click-to-call features that make it easier to select the correct participants and get the call underway quickly and easy-to-access lists of codes for managing the call, these conferencing systems are far superior to traditional conference calling. Further improvements are on the way as well. New technology, like HD conferencing, has been released to the market and does away with the need for an operator. As a result, calls can be placed and controlled with easy to understand internet controls as opposed to keypad codes. With the improvements already made and those soon to come, it is no wonder why so many businesses are making the switch from traditional landline to VoIP for their conference calling needs.

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