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A very special customer of ours named Ray is a CFO for hire.  He works for multiple companies, typically because the companies need his expertise but not everyday.  The thing is, Ray doesn’t ever want to confuse one client with another.  So he gives every single different client he has a different phone number to reach him.  We’re only talking about a few clients at a time but it could be catastrophic if he was to give a client the wrong advice because he guessed wrong about who was calling.

Ray has 1 main toll-free number and then approximately 5 standard numbers, 1 for each of his current clients.  Now when a client calls 1 of his 5 standard numbers it rings through to Ray on his IP desk phone or his cell phone, when he picks up the call he’s informed which line is calling him giving the name of the company, for example he’ll pick up and hear “Acme Co.”, then connect the call and know which company is calling without having to ask.  He does this using our Call Voice Tagging feature.

Do you have any unique ways you use  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.  We’re always happy to hear from you.


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