Ceri May Sales Manager – Crawlability .Inc

Phone.com has not only exceeded all of expectations but in fact blown them out of the water. Their feature list is like no other company around and they are constantly adding more and more useful features.

Setting up a complex menu system, with greetings, hold and a queue system is as easy as 1,2,3 and when ever you do have problems their support is always there to help out.

What has really amazed us the most with phone.com is how easy it has become to allow our international staff members to work as if they were sitting in our head office. Calls can be routed easily to cell phones and any other type of phone and in the case that no one is there to answer phone.com has an outstanding voice-mail service. Throw in their Mobile Office solution and you basically have the ability to receive and make calls via your business line where ever you are.

As you can tell we are very happy customers, and will continue to use phone.com for a very long time.