Can you run a business from cell phones versus hard wired phones?

Guest blogger:

Can you run a business without using hardline phones just utilizing cell phones? I can using Phone.coms Virtual Office and Mobile App.

Before I started working with I had been reviewing their Mobile App for Android utilizing their Virtual Office service. I was ecstatic because it gave me absolutely everything I needed from a phone service. I have a work number on my mobile phone along with my regular (but personal number) so I dont have to give out my personal number, especially when making outgoing calls. In addition I am able to send and receive text messages from my work number.

I used to think someone was in the big times business wise when they had multiple numbers to reach them on, like an office phone, home office phone, mobile phone, car phone (yes Im old), pager, fax, etc. Now I personally think its much more hip to have just 1 number. I dont even list my fax number any longer but I have always kept one. Even better now my number can also receive faxes and I can see them on my phone. These days I only put 1 phone number on my business card, maybe Im a bit of a minimalist.

Let me ask again, Can you run a business without a land line and just a cell phone. Since Ive started using Phone.coms Virtual Office Ive been able to.

Im able to transfer calls from my mobile phone to my coworkers or call them direct from my cell phone using their 3 digit office extension. Were able to conduct entire conference calls from our mobile phones including the administrator. I can send sms and chat calls. I can even add new contacts to my address book from the Mobile App.

So in my opinion I can run my entire business from my cell phone using Phone.coms Virtual Office and Mobile App rather then a hard wired land line phone.