Can a Phone Replace a Computer if it has a Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse?

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Do your employees really need a computer to get their work done? Would a tablet be sufficient if it had a keyboard?  What about a phone only?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just issue a phone to your employees instead of a phone and a laptop. Samsung just announced a $99 docking station for their Note 2 cell phone. The dock will allow users to connect a monitor or TV as well as a keyboard, mouse and external drive.  This could be a huge money saver for small/medium sized companies trying to squeeze every dime out of their budget.

The docked Note 2 should allow users to take care of their email as well as create and edit, documents, spreadsheets and presentations.   Being the blog I will of course point out that the Note 2 can fulfill all of your needs with out superb Android app.  Web surfing wise the Note 2 has a built in browser and users can download Chrome as well.  If the users feel like they’re missing out on some feature their computer had but the phone does not there’s probably an app to supplement it.

This isn’t a computer replacement but a less expensive way to get your employees connected and working.  I can imagine that employees get issued a Note 2 and each cubicle/office is equipped with a docking station plus monitor, keyboard and mouse.  I’ve written about this in the past on my personal blog and I see it as the future in small businesses to some extent.  I can also picture this getting very popular in a place like South Korea and anywhere that has an internet cafe mentality.

If I get a Note 2 I’ll probably buy the docking station.  Is this something you would consider for you personally or in your business?  Let me know on Facebook or Twitter.


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