Calling Canada? Calling from Canada?

What are the rates to Canada, How do they differ?

We often get questions about Canadian area call phone numbers, or toll free numbers for Canada, or about using a US toll free number to reach a phone in Canada. Below are some clarifications:

– Canadian phone numbers start with +1, just like U.S. numbers do. There are a couple dozen area codes that are Canadian.

– cannot port (transfer ownership) Canadian phone numbers into our system at this time. We hope to be able to do so in the future.

– When a customer dial out from their phone (using the phone adaptor or a business IP Phone) to a Canadian number, or when they forward calls to a Canadian number using a virtual extension, those calls use “included minutes”

– When a caller in Canada calls a customer’s toll-free number, there is a surcharge to the customer of $0.05/min. The caller in Canada does not pay anything for the call. Customers can block Canadian callers from their control panel if they don’t want to pay those surcharges.

– Canada is the only country (other than the US) that can call US Toll-free-numbers. There are no Canadian toll-free numbers available to purchase.

– When a caller in Canada calls a customer’s local (non-toll-free) number, everything works “normally”; there is no surcharge of any kind.

We hope this is helpful. We also posted this in our FAQs.