Call Voice Tagging, Phone Menus and more…

I just got off the phone with Janet X. Janet uses’s Call Voice Tagging feature for her business.
Her small party-planning business has just one other ful-time employee and she employs a bookkeeper part-time. She doesn’t like customers or suppliers to reach voicemail during standard business hours. So, when her assistant is away from the office, Janet uses Voice Tagging to alert her about how best to answer the phone.

The phone menu has already asked the caller if they wish to speak to sales, accounting or customer service. Sales calls are generally routed directly to Janet, accounting calls to the bookkeeper and customer service to Janet’s assistant. When her assistant is away, Janet takes the customer service calls rather than having them go to voicemail. When the calls are routed using Voice Tagging, a voice tag appears either on her business line (or if forwarded, on her cell phone) that tells her the call is for customer service. Then, she answers the phone with a different greeting depending on the type of call. When it’s customer service, she answers the call with, “Customer service is our highest priority. How can I help you?”
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