Call Screening With Caller ID Routing Is A Powerful Combination

Do you like to treat your best customers or clients with an extra something? Maybe a basket of muffins on their birthday or a card if they have a new baby? What about knowing that it’s them calling and always answering their calls with a cheery Hi XXX, I’m so glad to hear from you. I know I like that kind of treatment and I would imagine they would as well.

Call Screening makes this possible. You can have announce to you who’s calling so you always know what to expect. You will know if your mother is calling and if your best client is calling and you can decide to take their calls or not.

With Caller ID Routing you can then have your mom listen to a personalized greeting just for her before her call is put through to you and your best client can just be put through to your desk and cell phone at the same time so you can answer it no matter where you are. Here is another example: all calls after 9pm can go to voicemail but your best clients can still get through to you. Call Screening combined with Caller ID Routing is one powerful combination from
Check it out and let me know if you have any interesting tricks you use, maybe we can feature them on the blog.