Call Handling Rules To Bring Balance Back To Your Life

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I was thinking about trying to balance business life and normal or family life last night and this morning.  I skipped a family dinner last night and I will again later in the week for some business meetings and events.  My family gets it and never complains but I want to make a point to disconnect more on the weekends and at night when I’m home.  

How can we disconnect?  Take a deep breath and not think about dinging cell phones when email comes in or ringing phones when customers are calling?  I was chatting with a gentleman in line at the store this morning who was nice enough to let me go ahead of him.  He told me he likes to do that kind of thing for people, not just to be nice but because it keeps him out of his office for another few minutes.  He gets a reprieve from calling customers for a little longer.  He said he needs the calls so business goes on but he wants a way to disconnect every so often.  

I thought of and our Call Handling Rules.  No reason to have dinner at 6pm interrupted or weekend family time abruptly put on hold so you a small business owner feels the need to take a call.  Just set up Call Handling Rules to not ring you on your cell phone (or any of your phones) after 6pm during the week and never on the weekends.  It gets better, you can give your employees or special customers an extension to dial to reach you if it’s urgent.  So silly stuff doesn’t interrupt your “disconnected” time, returning some balance to your busy schedule.  

I’ve set up Call Handling Rules in the past but chatting in line today reminded me how important taking a breath and relaxing without interruptions really is sometimes.


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