Do you picture a room filled with cubicles and staff members wearing headsets when someone mentions call centers? If so, you’ll have to rethink your concept of the modern call center. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, technology has changed along with businesses practices.

There are plenty of call centers that use agents in a centralized location to handle calls and to do the customer service work traditionally done by company employees.
The new trend is to hire remote agents to do this work. Many of them work from home, allowing them to set their own hours. Many businesses say they’ve seen higher productivity out of these agents because of the flexibility.

By outsourcing its customer service operation, many companies are able to shave high-cost expenditures like salaries and benefits for employees they would have had to hire to handle these tasks.

That’s certainly one way to go, but business owners should realize they are still paying for someone to man a phone.

There’s an even newer solution that’s growing in popularity. has taken call centers a step further. We’ve created a small-business solution that slashes ongoing expenses even more by developing effectively a low-end virtual call center, which we call Auto Attendant, to boost results and increase efficiency.

Here’s how it works:’s Auto Attendant allows callers to be transferred to an extension without the intervention of a receptionist or live customer service agent. Businesses can create a customized greeting before allowing callers to use its simple menu system, which can include a name-by-name directory.
Auto Attendant also allows for routing based on the day and time, holiday and weekend.
The Auto Attendant also forwards your calls to whatever phone you choose, whether it’s your cell, office or home phones. You don’t have to worry about a receptionist forgetting which number at which to reach you. You can simply set preferences that are only changed when you change them.’s Auto Attendant increases efficiency while saving your company money by bundling this state-of-the-art feature in with its inexpensive phone service. It’s a great value with rates starting at just $9.88 a month.