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I’ve written a few times now about the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept on the blog but I’ve never explained how this works with  I’m going to focus on the most basic approach of BYOD in terms of cell phones.

It’s all about Call Forwarding.  If you have an employee that is willing to take calls after hours or on the weekends then you can forward their extension to their cell phone number.  This means if a sales call comes in on a Sunday night when it’s already Monday in Australia the lucky recipient can take the call and make a sale over the phone.  Or at a bare minimum remind the customer it’s Sunday night and they’ll call back when their in the office to complete the sale.

BYOD now puts employees on the clock all the time, good or bad, you decide.  But it’s an option none the less.  It’s also great for when you know people will be out of the office, you can just send the calls directly to their cell phones.  You may want to consider setting the scheduling so they don’t get any middle of the night calls if they’re not supposed to.

Does your company support BYOD?  How do they implement it?  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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