BYOD And Save Your Company Money

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BYOD is a relatively new acronym standing for Bring Your Own Device. It’s a concept many small businesses are embracing for many reasons. It allows employees to bring their own hardware to the work place and use them as an alternative to the company provided option. This cuts the cost for the company and in many cases companies don’t have to hire IT personal because they don’t offer support for personal devices.  So many companies will allow an employee to use their own iPhone over the company issued BlackBerry or use a Mac over the company issued PC.  

This is important to remember because 45% of employees admitted they’d accept a lower paying job if they had the choice of devices rather then a higher paying job with less flexibility according to Ian Fodder the CTO of Cisco UK and Ireland.  

“We’re actually hearing from our own customers, during the interview process, where potential employees are asking what kind of device they will be able to use to access the network” says Absolute Software’s Stephen Midgley.  

This is changing everything in terms of expense for a company.  Suddenly you may not have to spend thousands of dollars on a new employee just to get them up and running with all the hardware they need.  They can bring their own computer, tablet and phone.  Just consider how much that might save your company.  

Quotes from BYOD: Bring your own device could spell end for work PC 


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