Building Relationships with

The easiest way to maintain your business and insure your revenue stream is to build tight relationships with your customers. The ubiquitous 80/20 rule (which states that 80% of the work is usually accomplished by 20% of the workers) can often be applied to a customer base as well. It is not uncommon for 80% of sales volume to be generated by 20% of customers. That means that taking extra special care of the 20% of customers who purchase the most from you is of primary importance in the future of your business. can help you do that by identifying those customers’ phone numbers and creating special rules for handling them. First, if at all possible, you want these calls to be answered by a live person and you can set rules within’s solutions to make that happen. However, there are times when even your best customer will get voicemail. To keep your relationship tight, you don’t want them to get just the standard voicemail; you want them to get high priority, personalized voicemail that is returned first. For example, here is the text for a standard voice-mail message:

“You have reached the sales department at Airwaves Limited. All of our representatives are currently attending to other customers. Please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.”

The greeting is professional and acceptable, but what if each of your most important customers got the following message, customized with their own name?

“Mr. Jones, as one of our best clients, returning your call is of primary importance to Airwaves Limited. Please leave a message and rest assured that your call will be returned before the close of business today.”

If the call is placed late in the afternoon, you can even set up so that the message changes to, “Rest assured that your call will be returned by noon tomorrow,” or whatever time-frame you deem sufficient. Another approach might be to say, “…rest assured that your call will be returned first.”

Ask yourself: If you were Mr. Jones, which voicemail message would you rather receive? The next step is for you or your staff to check the priority customer voicemail and return those calls first, before checking the standard voicemail. It doesn’t matter if this is the right message for your business, you can make the greeting say whatever you wish. The point is to differentiate and prioritize based on the importance of the caller to your business. You can see that by personalizing, and treating your largest customers like the assets they are to your business, you build a better relationship and assure the long-term future for your business.