Building a New Future at Bell’s Iconic Holmdel Building

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File Jul 28, 10 15 34 AMWalking into the atrium at the Bell Labs building in Holmdel, NJ, is a little like walking onto the set of a science fiction movie. You can easily envision a rocket ship bound for Mars or beyond being built right there in the lobby, with scientists and engineers scurrying around the multiple levels of the huge building prepping for launch.

And who knows what would have happened if the AT&T monopoly ruling had come down differently? After all, this building is home to many amazing inventions and discoveries, including the cell phone you might be using to read this blog right now. Background radiation, yeah, that too. Bell Labs, from its inception in the 1930s, was on the cutting edge of science and technology. It was part of eight Nobel Prize-winning discoveries and played a role in winning World War II.

The iconic facility in Holmdel was built in 1962 and even today it is an architectural wonder. Some might even say it is breathtaking. In 2005, however, it was put up for sale. The breakup of AT&T wasn’t kind to its subsidiaries and the facility had become a shell of its former self.

Now owned by Somerset Development, the former Bell Labs building is making a big comeback.

File Jul 28, 10 18 17 AMWe recently visited the site to talk to our partner Vi Hub, a collaborative co-work space for creative problem solvers, where we will be providing our business-phone service in the cloud for their management and tenants.

Vi Hub has put together a thoroughly modern space with open floorplans that invite collaboration and glass-enclosed conference rooms for meetings that need more discretion.

It’s all part of a new vision by Bell Works to build a community that synthesizes work and life, tapping into the creative genius of the original Bell Labs in an environment that promotes living. is proud to be a part of the rebirth of this iconic building, but we are also proud of the work we do with co-work spaces, innovators, accelerators and incubators around the country. To find out more about our work in that space, contact us at

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