Branding Your Company Every Step of the Way

Advertising is the key to growing your business, but it can be very pricey to run ad campaigns. Thus, the intelligent business personality is always looking for ways to spread brand recognition for little or no expense. The use of our VoIP service, while saving on the monthly phone bill, can also help extend brand recognition via many voice features.

Recorded Message on Hold
We have all heard them at one time; whether you’re calling to dispute a bill with the cable company or calling to order tickets to the latest show, messages on hold can be an excellent way to share the most pertinent, up-to-date information about your company. Whether it is a catchy jingle that is sure to be stuck in the head of every caller for the remainder of the day or a word about the newest energy efficient product, a message on hold is an excellent way to take advantage of cheap advertising.

Voicemail Greetings
Let the professionals craft your consistent, professional and alluring voicemail greeting for you. With some VoIP providers, this additional service is a worthwhile consideration as it provides the company an opportunity to have a uniform voice on each and every phone line- office, cell, and otherwise. Upload a transcript of what you wish the professional speaker to record and the message will be crafted with the perfect professional air, broadening brand recognition with each and every caller directed to the mailbox.

Auto Attendant
Using the same professional voice production service, the free auto attendant feature available with most VoIP services can be amped up to include the brand information that your callers should know about prior to making the decision about which branch of the company they need to be forwarded to.

With these options and more, VoIP can provide your company plenty of opportunity to demonstrate to callers just how professional and customer-minded your business truly is.