Is Offering 50GB Of Storage For Life

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The cloud storage war is heating up. iCloud is offering 5GB of free storage which when announced seemed like a big deal. Last week DropBox the default name in cloud storage was running a contest, some lucky folks could win 50gb of storage for life. That’s a great plan for the lucky few winners, but this week took it up a notch. For the next 50 days anyone with an iPhone or iPad even if you’re a current Box user can get 50GB of free storage for life.

So this area is hot and I think it’s going to get more and more competitive. Are you using the cloud? If you’re reading this blog then the answer is probably yes for at least your office or home phone service. But do you back up to the cloud? Do you use Gmail? Do you stream video like with NetFlix? Last week I was finishing off a video and didn’t have my backup drive with me so I uploaded a copy to DropBox for safe keeping while I was in transit. With all of this how are you utilizing the cloud?

In the end does any of this even matter to you or is this all just part of day to day living? An added level of potential frustration that’s not worth the effort? A benefit of living the lifestyle we live with all this technology that (hopefully) enhances our lives? I like to think it makes my life easier but I’m truly curious to hear what you have to say and if I get some interesting responses I’ll write about them. If you’d like to keep them anonymous then email me


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