Box is Offering 50GB of Free Cloud Storage

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Whenever I come across a really good deal that might help our readers I like to share it with you. Box formerly known as is giving away 50GB of free cloud storage for life. If you’re not familiar with Box it’s similar to DropBox. Put very simply, they are a file repository in the cloud, you can upload or drag and drop files on your computer into them and then have them available on any computer, share the files with others or just use them as a locker.

Here’s a link to the Box promotion. I’m not sure how long this will last and it only takes a minute to sign up for. So if you’re even remotely interested I’d suggest jumping on it ASAP. The only down side I’ve read is that the free version of Box has 250mb file size limitation. meaning you can only transfer up to 250mb files. This probably won’t be a big problem for most people, I’ve only had issue with it when I’m trying to upload video.

Good luck and let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter. Please remember, has no affiliation with Box and we’re not suggesting you use them or promoting them. I’m just sharing a deal I thought might help you.


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