Blue, Red but also White (Space)

By: Ari

Today was also a vote day at the FCC. As explained nicely in, the FCC approved today the use of unused TV broadcast spectrums, known as white space, by unlicensed devices.

As indicated in Forbes: “This would allow any company to offer devices that can send and receive data, in ways that are parallel to the freewheeling ways of the public Internet”.

This of course also has an impact on mobile VoIP services. More wifi that can be used for voip services and much more.
Dan Frommer also wrote about this:
“Whats the point? Companies like Google, Motorola (MOT), and Microsoft (MSFT) want to be able to access the airwaves for Internet devices and services. Specifically, they want the airwaves to be available on an “unlicensed” basis, meaning whoever uses them doesnt have to buy the rights from the FCC in an auction.”

Just to clarify, this ruling will not have an overnight impact. It will take time (and perhaps also appeals) till devices and services will be able to take advantage of the new available white space.