University – How to Send a Fax

Every account includes the ability to send a digital fax. Say goodbye to your fax machine!

How to Send a Fax

You can send a fax through any extension on your account. To begin this process:

  1. Mouse over Configure at the top of your account page and select Manage Users & Extensions.
  2. Select Edit next to the extension from which you want to send a fax.
  3. Select Send a Fax on the left-side navigation bar within the extension settings.


You are now on the Send a Fax page. To create your fax:

  1. In the Fax Number field (1) enter the fax number to which you want to send a document.
  2. Enter cover page information (optional).
  3. In the Send a confirmation email to field (2) enter your email address to receive a successful delivery confirmation.
  4. Select Choose File (3) to upload the document you want to send.
  5. Select Preview Fax (4) to provide a preview of how your fax will look to your recipient.
  6. Select Send Fax to fax your document.


Once your document has been sent successfully, you will get a delivery confirmation email. This is the only record you will have of your fax being sent successfully. Save this email if you need it for your records.

That’s all it takes to send a fax! See you next Monday for some more knowledge.


  1. Most people use FAXes for the increased level of security it provides. For instance, my bank requires that I fax a wire transfer form to do that, and the form has confidential account numbers etc. What security guarantees do you provide with the sending FAX service, such as – not storing the information (where some hacker or even disgruntled employee might get access to it)?

  2. Hello Marshall, thank you for your comment. We do not store your sent faxes any where that you would have access to. The one think you will want to be careful is that you can send a fax confirmation to an email address. You may want to avoid sending those as anyone with access to the email address you use would be able to see that fax. Let me know if this helps.

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