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The Robots are Coming! Video Conferencing in the Twenty-first Century

  As we move towards the year 2020, I'm wondering: Where are those time-saving robots that sci-fi writers and cartoonists promised us in the 1950s? Robots are running our production lines and powering our data centers, yet I'm still mowing the lawn and folding laundry! Isaac Asimov dreamed of a world... Read More

Streamline Communications with Our Killer Mobile App!

Defense consultant Edward Tj Gerety III communicates daily with clients and partners in the international community. A Co-Founder of Defensive Research, Gerety was looking for a business phone solution that would allow him to communicate efficiently wherever he found himself. "'s mobile app lets me communicate flawlessly with clients on all of my devices,"... Read More

AFAR: At the End of the Line for Animal Rights

[caption id="attachment_19184" align="alignright" width="250"] Customer Service pup Wino, enjoying the green grass at's Poway offices.[/caption] Customer Advocates for Animal Rights (AFAR) came to through our affiliation with, a partnership that gives non-profits one year of free phone service. Based in Michigan, AFAR's goal is to advocate on animal-rights issues, educate the... Read More

Five Reasons and Remote Work Go Hand In Hand

In the book Remote, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, founders of 37signals, present a compelling argument for allowing employees to work from home.  At the core of the discussion is giving your employees the flexibility to work wherever they feel is best. That could be home or a cabin in the mountains, or possibly... Read More

Cloud-based Unified Phone Systems On the Rise

A recent report from Infonetics Research shows that sales of unified communications, including cloud-based phone services like those offered by, jumped 27 percent from the first quarter of 2013 to that of 2014. At the same time, worldwide sales of PBX systems and components fell by eight percent! The message is very... Read More

Extending Great VoIP Service Through Our Channel Partners

At, we love our Channel Partner Program (CPP). It allows businesses that would benefit from bundling with their own services to offer their clients superior VoIP phone service! While provides software tools, training and support for CPP Agents, the agents work one-on-one with their own clients to... Read More

Port Your Google Voice Number to Today!

The free Google Voice service has been around for several years now, but its days may be numbered. Google is opting to discontinue support for third party services, migrating it into their Google Hangouts platform. For those of you currently using Google Voice who are concerned about losing your number and... Read More

GreenFire Energy Makes the Switch to

GreenFire Energy is a small but growing renewable energy firm located in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and the San Francisco bay area. Founded in 2010, GreenFire has worked to develop breakthrough CO2-based geothermal energy systems that produce clean, sustainable energy. They recently made the switch to and co-founder Randy... Read More University – How to Order a Phone/Adapter

In addition to virtual number services, also offers several IP phones and ATA adapters that allow you to place and receive VoIP calls with an internet connection. There are several benefits to ordering a device directly from us, including: 30-day warranty on all devices. Pre-configured devices for instant setup... Read More

VoiceMail Transcription Saves The Day

If it wasn’t for’s VoiceMail transcription service, my entire checking account could have been emptied out. It seems that some credit card bandits used my Visa debit card to charge 76 cents from a place in Kansas. I can only guess where they got the number from, but I... Read More Introduces Panasonic Internet-based SIP Cordless Phones for Businesses and Residential Customers's new Panasonic Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phones provide business-quality services equivalent to landline phones while coupled with the mobility of traditional cordless instruments. Livingston, NJ (PRWEB) August 09, 2012. Recognizing the wide proliferation of cordless phones in the home and business environments today,, the premiere provider of Virtual Office telephone services,... Read More

The Virtual Office Offering

Every so often it’s good to be reminded what our Virtual Office offering is and especially now because it recently changed.  I won’t focus on what we used to offer, we’ve added to it.  Now we offer 2 phone numbers with our base plan, local or toll free numbers so... Read More

Live Coverage of the Olympics?

A lot has been and still is been written about NBCs practice of tape delaying all the major events from the London Olympics, as they have also done in past Olympics. All one needs to do is follow #NBC on Twitter to read the comments coming from superstars like Dirk... Read More

VoIP & Broadband: Another Olympic Spectacle

Most people interested in the London Olympics are tuning in to their favorite sports. A few are focusing on various political issues surrounding the games. Then there are the self-admitted Nerds like me. I’m puzzling over the seemingly contradictory signals coming out of London about the use of wireless broadband... Read More

A VoIP Scorecard

The June issue of Consumer Reports just landed in my mailbox (I don’t even ask any more why the June issue of a magazine shows up in the first week of May), with the front cover heralding an article that promises to show readers how to “Cut your bills for... Read More

Block And Unblock Calls With *9

At we pride ourselves on having top notch customer service, I was in a meeting last week talking about common customer service questions and our Call Blocking feature came up.  Customers want to know how to block incoming callers (typically spammers).  We have a solution that it seems like... Read More

What Does Ice Cream Sandwich 2.4 Mean For Developers ?

During the keynote at Google I/O’11 this week they talked about all kinds of new developing software. They talked about home automation and bringing music to the cloud but what caught my attention the most in terms of was the talk of their update to the Android operating system.... Read More