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GreenFire Energy Makes the Switch to

GreenFire Energy is a small but growing renewable energy firm located in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and the San Francisco bay area. Founded in 2010, GreenFire has worked to develop breakthrough CO2-based geothermal energy systems that produce clean, sustainable energy. They recently made the switch to and co-founder Randy... Read More

San Diego Customer Service Meetup Hosted By and Toister Performance Solutions, Inc. are hosting a meetup event for San Diego customer service professionals on Wednesday, April 9 from 4:30-6:30 PM Pacific time. The evening will feature a grand tour of's awesome customer service operation, round table discussions about customer service and, of course, networking. There are still spots... Read More

Coffee And Customer Service From Communicate Better Blog

On Communicate Better, our blog dedicated to customer service, Jenny Dempsey and I do a regular hangout to talk about customer service.  We call it Coffee and Customer Service but generally drink water or tea. In today's hangout, we reviewed our week of blogging that included posts about a terrific experience... Read More

Kindling New Ideas: NJ Spark Summit 2014

[caption id="attachment_17947" align="alignleft" width="300"] CEO Ari Rabban speaking at the NJ Spark Summit[/caption] The brainchild of Aaron Price of the NJ Tech Meetup, Amit Baria of the new-tech school, and Bret Morgan of the Jersey Shore Tech Meetup, NJ Spark Summit hosted prominent speakers discussing strategies for building successful... Read More

Wanna Cupcake? Uses Custom Greetings To Announce The Flavor Of The Day!

At we take pride in helping small businesses grow. This week's customer testimonial may leave you craving sweets, so consider yourself warned. That said, do you Wanna Cupcake? Jim and Karie Romano, the owners of Wanna Cupcake?, have been with since 2012 and our services have helped their... Read More

The Virtual Business: The New Age of Cloud Communications

More and more companies are moving away from a centralized physical structure and allowing employees to work from home or remotely when traveling on business. In 2013, there were an estimated 28 million small businesses in the United States. These businesses have generated over 65 percent of net new jobs... Read More

Customer Feedback Is An Opportunity For Awesome

This post was originally published on Communicate Better Blog, our customer service blog.  Click here to read the original article. Here at, we respond to both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE feedback. Yup, both are equally important. We want to thank customers for taking the time to share their experiences with us,... Read More

Google Drive: Seven of Sixteen Secrets

Many small business owners use Google Apps for email, calendar, contacts, advertising and a whole lot more, including their Google Drive service. Google Drive includes word-processing, spreadsheet, presentation, form-creation and drawing services. Previously called Google Docs, the service is an indispensable tool for business people around the world. I came... Read More

Which Cloud Storage Solution is Right For Your Business?

Business owners hear about the benefits of cloud storage all the time. The cloud can save you money, offers mobile access, helps your team work more cohesively, reduces infrastructure costs, and so on. The two most popular business solutions currently are Box and Dropbox. Both have good offerings but take... Read More

It’s Time To Consider Inflight Wi-Fi

Anyone who's flown in the last decade knows that as soon as the plane touches down, people switch on their phones, and the buzzing, beeping and vibrating begins. I fly for business throughout the year and, until recently, would land and be bombarded with email and text messages. I tend... Read More

Mobility and PBX’s: They’re Not Mutually Exclusive

Small businesses have a lot on their plates to earn the “successful” label, but one factor that doesn’t always come into play when it comes to planning is the phone system. Sure, most small business owners seem to understand that some access to a phone system is necessary, but as... Read More