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Cloud Telephony for the Small Business

If you're the owner of a small company, you know the dilemma: There are seven or eight of you in the office, you all come and go, working different hours. You need a phone service that offers a common platform—with resources you can all share, features that serve your customers... Read More

Wanted: Robust Business Phone Service to Do Business in Washington

For any non-profit organization running an office in Washington, DC, operation costs can be a killer. Rent, keeping the lights on, marketing—and oh yeah, phone service. You need a really good business phone service if you're an international, grassroots organization like Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP). SSDP is a... Read More

Business Phone Systems Provide Professional Call Routing at Your Fingertips

• Are you tired of missing important business calls because you are not at your desk to answer the phone? • Do you want to make sure your business projects a professional image to every caller? If you answered yes to these questions, you will benefit from a business phone... Read More