Wanna Cupcake? Uses Custom Greetings To Announce The Flavor Of The Day!

At we take pride in helping small businesses grow. This week's customer testimonial may leave you craving sweets, so consider yourself warned. That said, do you Wanna Cupcake? Jim and Karie Romano, the owners of Wanna Cupcake?, have been with since 2012 and our services have helped their... Read More

Moving? Consider Abandoning Your Traditional Business Phone System Too

When one decides to move, it can be a great time to make other changes as well. Whether one intends to relocate within the same neighborhood or hundreds of miles away, VoIP services can represent simplicity, saved expense, and improved efficiency once resettled. If moving locally, many VoIP providers offer... Read More

Use Your Business Phone System to Track Leads

If you want to know exactly where all your calls – better known as potential business leads – are coming from, your business phone needs to have an effective call log in place. Using VoIP technology, call logs allow you to view all: • Incoming calls • Outgoing calls •... Read More

Business Phone Systems Provide Professional Call Routing at Your Fingertips

• Are you tired of missing important business calls because you are not at your desk to answer the phone? • Do you want to make sure your business projects a professional image to every caller? If you answered yes to these questions, you will benefit from a business phone... Read More