Keep Your Focus with Call Screening

For most people, call screening means picking up their phone when it’s ringing and looking at the caller ID information. That might be enough if you just have one phone number, but what if you’re a small business with multiple numbers ringing through to your cell phone or desk phone?... Read More

Balance Life and Work Your Way

It seems that the more technology intertwines itself in our lives, the less time we have for ourselves. This was nowhere more apparent than a recent presentation I saw at the Asbury Agile conference where Jonnie Hallman, a Brooklyn-based freelance designer/developer explained how many times he had physical breakdowns from... Read More

Build Your Own Call Center in the Cloud

When you’re a sole proprietor or part of a really small team, too much success too fast can be overwhelming if you don't have a call center solution. What do you do when you're on a call with a customer looking to upgrade his service, then call waiting starts to beep... Read More

A Quick Primer on the History of VoIP CTO and Executive Vice President Alon Cohen recently presented on the history of VoIP at the MoNage conference hosted by Jeff Pulver. Pulver and Cohen have a long history together, highlighted by the fact that together they were the first entrants voted into the VoIP Hall of Fame. For those in the... Read More

Take Control of Your Calls was designed from the ground up with small business in mind. To that end, we built a web portal that is as powerful as it is intuitive. What does that mean in real world terms? You can take control of your phone system in minutes so you don’t take valuable... Read More

Keep Your Freedom and Never Miss an Important Call

It’s a real dilemma. You’re scheduling an important business call, but your calendar is unpredictable. Do you give them your office number or cell? If you give them your office phone, there’s a risk you’ll miss the call if you have to step away from your desk. On the other... Read More

Voicemail Transcription for Your Small Business

Prior to joining, I worked with a number of professional models from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Los Angeles as a photographer. One common concern from the models I worked with is weeding out real job offers from fake job offers. At best, the fake offers waste time... Read More

Engage Callers with Music and On-Hold Messaging

“Thank you for calling, can I put you on hold?” No matter who you call, at some point you’ve heard the line above, assuming a human even answers the phone in the first place. As a business that depends on telephone-based support, placing a customer on hold comes with certain... Read More

Go Global – How to Add an International Number

We posted a blog recently about the benefits of adding an international number to your account and received a few questions about how it is done. It’s a simple process, really, with just five steps. Start at your control panel and select “Add a Number.” In the Add a Number menu, select... Read More

Announcing End of Sale for All Polycom SoundPoint IP Desk Phones

At, we support customers using a wide range of phone types with our service, even if we don’t sell those phones directly. Unfortunately, manufacturers sometimes discontinue the sale and support of certain models as they introduce newer ones to replace them. In September 2016 Polycom will stop selling all... Read More

Go Global from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Global marketing in the 21st century relies on a number of methods. Email is still a top tool while social networks and collaboration tools have combined to make things much easier, but many times nothing beats actually talking to your customer. No matter your telephone service provider, you can always... Read More

Phone.Com Service Spotlight: Mobile Apps

Here at, we can do a lot of neat things with our virtual PBX system, since we’re not beholden to the traditional rules of telephony. One of the coolest tools we offer is our mobile app. All you have to do is download the app to your device and suddenly... Read More

Phone.Com Service Spotlight: Local Vanity Numbers

There are some phone numbers that are so unforgettable that you find yourself singing them to yourself in the shower as part of a popular jingle or reciting them as you dial your favorite pizza place. These vanity phone numbers are more than just numbers – they’re numbers that also... Read More

Quick Guide: Using Your Free Conference Bridge

  Did you know that every extension on your account includes a FREE conference bridge, allowing your team to run conference calls with ease? Yes, free conference calling! There are some great benefits to this free feature, including: High definition voice quality Up to 500 participants Unlimited minute usage Here's how... Read More

City of Newark Moves to Cloud-based Phone Service

  Yesterday we announced a partnership with the City of Newark, the largest city in the State of New Jersey. Local government offices there are now using our cloud-based phone service in many departments and offices across town. City of Newark CIO Seth Wainer: “We formed a true partnership with that will indeed lead us... Read More

Quick Guide: Screening Your Business Calls

  The benefit of using your mobile phone for business calls is that you can carry your office in your pocket or purse. Read voicemail, run a conference call, send a fax. But the down side is that you might receive business calls when you're off the clock, visiting with friends... Read More

Take Your Office Wherever Your Smartphone Goes with Our New Android App

Download and get our FREE 30-day/100-minute trial. Turn your Android phone into a work extension >   Ever buy something that was just so new and shiny, so packed with great features, you couldn't wait to try it? We feel that way about our new Mobile Office app for Android. Fresh design, faster operation,... Read More