Jeremy Watkin and Jenny Dempsey Honored as Contact Center Thought Leaders

In a recent article by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) ranking the Top 50 Contact Center Thought Leaders on Twitter,'s very own Jeremy Watkin and Jenny Dempsey made the list.  Jeremy (@jtwatkin) ranked at #17 and Jenny (@jennysuedempsey) ranked at #45. Jenny and Jeremy cowrite, a blog... Read More

Career Day With Jenny Dempsey

I had a fun morning today visiting a middle school that our very own Jenny Dempsey was speaking at for Career Day. She talked about her responsibilities and benefits as the Customer Service Supervisor. The students were really interested to hear what she had to say. Jenny touched on many... Read More

Know Your Emu: A Lesson in Customer Service

Growing up, my family lived in rural suburbia, an area with horse trails instead of sidewalks and the earthy smell of dairy cows in the air. We had a pet emu, called Emu. Emu lived in the back corner of our yard, beside the chicken coop, fenced in with a shoulder-height chain-link fence and... Read More

A Silent Customer Isn’t Always A Happy Customer

We frequently go through some of our larger customer accounts and call to check in and see how the service is working for them. On one occasion, I came across a large account. At first glance, I noted that they paid their bill each month and almost never called Customer Service.... Read More

Leaders in Customer Success

We always knew they were outstanding, but now the experts agree! Customer-success SaaS platform Mindtouch recently included Director of Customer Service Jeremy Watkin and Customer Service Manager Jenny Dempsey in a report that profiles their top 100 Customer Success Influencers. Jeremy and Jenny both joined in the early days, and they continue... Read More

3 Great Reasons to Transfer Your Number to

Tired of paying multiple phone providers for the same service? Maybe it’s time to get rid of that land line and move to the cloud. With, transferring your number has never been easier, and here are 3 great reasons to get started: It’s free! We charge zero fees on... Read More

Representing Awesome Customer Service at the Contact Center Expo & Conference

On May 7 and 8, Director of Customer Service Jeremy Watkin and Customer Success Manager Jenny Dempsey will be at the Contact Center Expo and Conference. Hosted each year in San Diego by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI), this event draws together an amazing group of customer-service thought... Read More at NYTechDay 2014 doesn't do many trade shows, usually just a few each year. When we do, they have to be awesome! No exception when it came time to exhibit at NYTechDay 2014 last week, a massive bazaar-like event held at Pier 92 in New York City. We were among 400-plus other tech... Read More

Absent Motivation Means Absent Employees

It all begins with motivation. If your employees are experiencing a lack of motivation in the work place, you’ll see this evident in their productivity. You’ll also see this evident in the amount of days they take off. Developing a successful incentive program can be a challenge; you must fine... Read More

Small Business, Global Presence. Yes, You Can! makes it easy and affordable to support a business in several countries! Need virtual numbers in different regions and the ability to call internationally? For Ofelos Media, a client based in Cyprus, our phone service delivers all that and more! Ofelos Media offers business and marketing services that help... Read More

Coffee And Customer Service From Communicate Better Blog

On Communicate Better, our blog dedicated to customer service, Jenny Dempsey and I do a regular hangout to talk about customer service.  We call it Coffee and Customer Service but generally drink water or tea. In today's hangout, we reviewed our week of blogging that included posts about a terrific experience... Read More

Are You Effectively Using Video To Connect More Than One Office?

If your small business is anything like ours, you have employees strewn all over the country and in a variety of office settings.  Thanks to the wonder of technology, we can effectively communicate via phone, email, chat, SMS and social media.  I am often reminded however, that there is no... Read More

The Practical Guide To Building A Small Business Customer Support Organization – Part 2

As a continuation of our discussion of customer support from Part 1, let’s take a look at suggestions 6 through 10. 6) Make your Company DNA Conducive to Support - If you believe (like I do) that customer support is imperative for your company’s success, you need to make that... Read More

The Practical Guide To Building A Small Business Customer Support Organization – Part 1

In 1989, I co-founded VocalTec and soon, we were a company of 3-4 people doing everything from coding to customer support. Years later in 2005, I co-founded Bitwine (, an e-commerce website for human intellect. More recently in 2007, I became the first hired employee at and jumped into... Read More

Talking Customer Service At The @VSnap Customer Love Meet Up

We love our customers and if you're reading this, we know you do too.  So, what better way to spend a Tuesday evening than surrounded by like-minded, customer centric industry peers in New York City?’s Developer Evangelist Peter Hogan-De Paul (@phoneapi), API Product Manager Aaron Rosenthal (@aaronjrosenthal) and Customer... Read More

Sit Down With’s Customer Support Gurus

Event Details   [ to sign up click this link ] Are you part of a fast growing ecommerce business?  Is providing awesome customer service a cornerstone of your business?  Do you want to meet other like-minded people who get super excited about customer service?  You are invited to network and sit... Read More

Title: Coffee And Customer Service Hangout: Customer Service Tantrums

Anyone with children knows that every child will inevitably resort to throwing a tantrum to try to get their way.  If they continue to do it, it's probably because they end up getting what they wanted.  Customers  can often be the same way and in a world where so many... Read More