Get Ready to Grow Your Business in 2016

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Grow your business in 2016


Many of our customers are small-business owners. So as we head into 2016 here on the blog, we’ll be looking at ways for you to grow your business this year.

We’re excited to discuss a wide variety of business, marketing and technical topics throughout the month of January.

Before we do that, we’d like to highlight a few of the topics we discussed this past year on our blog that benefit small businesses. They’re all easy reads, so please recap before we jump into growth in 2016!

2015 Posts for Small Business Owners

  • Four great reasons to use a VoIP phone service for your business
  • How mobility and the need for scalability make VoIP a great choice
  • Building your brand using a custom phone number
  • Creating a professional voicemail greeting for your small business
  • How to use business voicemail to your advantage!
  • Optimizing your business phone system to meet your customers’ expectations
  • How to keep costs low on international calling
  • Five free tools to help businesses collaborate beyond the phone call
  • Four free and easy ways to grow your Facebook audience

Watch this space for Grow Your Business posts starting January, or our social channels for the hashtag #growyourbiz.

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