Blocking a Caller Based on his / her Caller ID.

By: Alon Cohen

UPDATED: Although this method works just fine, you may want to check the latest feature we added to block calls.

Most of our Virtual Office users take advantage of the general Rule-Based call forwarding feature we have. But there is still significant power embedded in those rules that is not often harnessed. Whenever I come across an interesting use of those rules by a user or someone asks about a useful use of the Rules on our Forum, I Blog about it. So keep interacting with us via the Forums, and keep writing to our support team.

This Caller blocking concept started from a question on our Forum.

The question was about “Caller ID Blocking” how can you block callers when you know the caller ID of that caller. It turns out the setting is not complicated, and is composed of a short one time setup and an even shorter setup in the address book for each unwanted caller.

One time setup:

The setup is done per the rules set of a “Number” or an “Extension”. In this example I will do that for an “extension”, using the “extension” settings options

Extenssion Settings

We enter your extension settings and click on “Address Book” and create a group by clicking “(+ADD/EDIT GROUP)” button on the top right, which we name “Blocked”. We don’t have to add any numbers yet.

Virtual Office Address Book

Now, under “settings -> “call handling rules” we add a new rule


Add (as the first rule) as shown above, where call received from “Blocked” will be handled by a “Disconnect”. If you like you can add a greeting using the ‘play recording option in step 2.A saying “this extension is no loner in service” or “this number has been disconnected” or any creative greeting you deem fit. And after that in 2.B select “Disconnect”

Do not forget to save the new settings.

This is all the one time setup required. Now, for every caller ID that needs to be blocked we will do the following:

Setting for Each Caller we want to block:

Go to the “Address Book” section

Virtual Office Address Book

And add a contact using the “Add A Contact”, set a dummy name like “@blocked1” (if you are not sure who the caller is like), the @ will enable you to find those names first on the list, and add the phone number to be blocked, also select the group for that contact entry to be the group “blocked” (there is drop down menu for that). And now, save the contact.

You can even add few numbers to the same contact, and you can add as many contacts that you want to that group, and you can remove numbers from that group as needed.


P.S. If you are asking yourself how to block a caller ID when the Caller ID is hidden by the caller, well there is a way to do that as well, which I hope to write about next time.

In spite of all the above, remember that every call even if instantly disconnected will be counted as 1 minute, which is normal billing practice as call setup is the most expensive part of each call for the phone companies. But a 1 minute out of the plan is a small price to pay for a good peace of mind.