Balance Life and Work Your Way

Balance Life and Work Your Way

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It seems that the more technology intertwines itself in our lives, the less time we have for ourselves. This was nowhere more apparent than a recent presentation I saw at the Asbury Agile conference where Jonnie Hallman, a Brooklyn-based freelance designer/developer explained how many times he had physical breakdowns from working too much.

For some reason, technology has brought us to a point where we refuse to leave work at the office. Do you really need to answer that call or reply to that email? What’s nice is that the same technology that keeps us connected also gives us the tools to disconnect.

Your cell phone probably has a built-in “Do Not Disturb” mode, for example, and even if it doesn’t, I guarantee that there’s an app for that. Even without that, ringers can be turned off. But what if you just want to disconnect from work for 8 hours every night while staying connected with friends and family? can help with that. Scheduling by is a set it and forget it feature that can forward calls directly to voicemail or any other number during your set hours.

  • Set your schedule hours once and forget it. There’s no need to constantly manage your schedule hours. Set it once, apply it, and enjoy the silence.
  • Create exceptions for holidays and unexpected meetings. Don’t want to receive calls on major holidays? Set your exceptions in your schedule settings and/or add specific date ranges for unexpected meetings or extended lunches.
  • Configure daily custom schedules for flexible forwarding. If you have multiple employees needing to receive calls at specific times of the day, then you can create specific daily hour schedules for your call forwarding.

All that having been said, we also understand that there are times you will need to always be on call, and can support that too. Our “Follow Me” functionality empowers the system to find you no matter where you are by calling any and/or all of your numbers and extensions.


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