Auto Attendant – Part 2

Virtual Phone Auto Attendant: Individual Benefits

The same core benefits that define the entire Virtual Office suite of virtual tools and phone system features, also mentioned elsewhere on this website, can be used to accurately define the Virtual Auto Attendant itself, the system gatekeeper

It’s affordable, often eliminating the need for a receptionist – or eliminating the need for employees in the office to stop doing what they were hired for to apply their time and energy to answering the phone, transferring calls to colleagues in the office or in the field, taking messages or sending callers to voicemail.

It’s easy to use – both for the folks calling in to your business, and for you, as a customer, to use. Easy to revise your settings, change your greetings, etc.

It’s efficient, in that your sales prospects and existing customers can get right to the point of their call, and waste no timer and energy explaining who they are calling and why – but rather, can get through to the extension they want with minimum effort.

It’s convenient for your inbound callers, which you’ll see when you test it out (see below – our click-to-call demo). If your sales prospects find it difficult on their first or second call just to get through to whomever they need to speak to, it won’t be easy to make a sale when customer service or convenience are discussed before they take out their credit card or checkbook!

Professionalism always enters into the equation when you have’s Virtual Phone Attendant as a reception tool. It adds to the suite of customer service items you provide to your customers to keep them happy, to keep your complaint and cancellation numbers down.

As for first time callers, the communications features your Virtual Phone Attendant provides always impresses sales prospects with the seamless professionalism and high tech aptitude of your company – as reflected by your phone system and technical proficiency. We all know first impressions count, that business prospects judge you by how they’re treated when they call your business; by how seamless, pleasant and easy their first inbound call experience is… You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression!

And lastly – we come to control. Your Virtual Phone Attendant, in fact your entire suite of Virtual Office telecommunications tools and features, gives you almost complete control over what callers will see (as with the number on their caller ID), what they hear and what they experience when they call in to your business.

If every inbound call provides a great experience, your sales prospects will be that much closer to a sale; and your existing customers will be that much farther away from a cancellation! And that’s exactly what Virtual Office goes out of its way to provide – a consistently seamless, pleasant and easy telephone experience.

The Virtual Office Experience: Two Sides of Success designed the concept of the Virtual Office to have successful results both for our direct customers and for their clients and customers. By adding so many features to the system that maintain calling ease and comfort, both caller and the company being called benefit greatly. has always been at the front lines in the development of many state-of-the-art virtual phone system features and benefits. We are, in fact, the only virtual phone system that gives our customers the ability to create voice greetings by typing in their words in text form, with their choice of numerous types of voices and accents.

For people who have ‘stage fright’ when they have to record themselves talking; that are terribly insecure about how their voice sounds on their phone greetings, or who may have great difficulty recording their own greetings without errors – or who just simply don’t like the way they sound and have their own vision of the image they would like to project. Naturally, this is the perfect feature for them.

When your business depends on you and your staff (if you have a staff) being out in the field, selling, traveling; running a business that functions partially or completely outside the four walls of an office – you need a solid, dependable technical foundation that will help you control and organize the flow of all inbound telephone communications, keep clients and customers happy with fast call response times and an easy, smooth experience every time they call in and deal with the electronic menu.

How many of us have faced unpleasant, inaccurate, inept phone menus that we learn to hate? All of us, and way too often.

Before the advent of the Virtual Office, an office of this kind could barely function without a full time person being present to answer phones during business hours, to juggle callers, keep customers happy, transfer live calls, organize and distribute messages properly. The function of the receptionist.’s virtual auto attendant is now able to not only take on the role of receptionist – but a multi-tasking, multi talented receptionist that keeps callers happy with the ease of the virtual menu; the speed of the call transfers; the sound and content of the vocal greetings and prompts, the type of music you choose, and so on.

Plus, you have the ability to make this auto attendant represent your business exactly as you always wished it could be represented. Your preferred “brand image”. The subtle components that give your business its own unique, professional voice – making sales prospects and customers feel safe, secure, trusting and relaxed.

Let’s face it, proper customer management is the cement that holds the foundation of your business together, no matter what your product or service is – precisely why it’s so important to be able to control the experience of the folks calling your business; as well as controlling the image you project – and especially when you’re “on-the-go”, and your telecommunications becomes your Virtual Office.

In the end result – when you add up all of these elements, they exist chiefly to make your business run easier, faster – both for you and for your customers and potential customers – with less obstacles and stress; with a vastly improved set of established user experiences, both for you and for your clients or customers. The end result is a happier customer base, less cancellations, less complaints; and a much higher sales-close rate with first time callers.
And these are exactly the reasons small business owners invest (for as low as $9.88 / month) in new technologies and improved telecommunications tools – such as Virtual Office.