Ari’s thoughts On Company Leadership

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In a recent roundtable discussion Ari had with 2 other CEO’s and Patti Owens the host they cover a few different topics.  I want to cover what Ari has to say in the chat.  

Patti asks “How do you keep employees happy?”.  Ari’s response is that every employee must feel important and he does this by listening to them and including their opinions in the decision making process.  

Patti’s next question for Ari was simply “What motivates you and how does that help you motivate others?”
Ari’s answer was concise but said a great deal, he likes to lead by inclusion.  He lets employees have their say, pointing out though, it’s not a democracy but everyone’s opinion matters.  Ari includes that he likes to talk with employees.  If an employee isn’t happy then Ari isn’t happy.

Ari ends with saying happy, contributing employees are one of the most important things in a company.  

To watch the entire video, it’s under 8 minutes you can watch it here.


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